I've been wanting to build this PC for a while as I used to game on a laptop and PS4. I started purchasing parts starting Black Friday all the way up until January when I had all of them. I've been researching PCs for months as its become an interest of mine. I am 14 years old and this is the PC that I built. All the parts are outstanding, and hope to upgrade the cpu cooler as its the stock one right now. Also, I'd like to upgrade the CPU and GPU as a boost of performance is always something to look for. My only complaint while building this PC is that the hard drive cage can be removed from the bottom as you have to flip the pc over and screw it out. Putting it back in is more of a struggle. Having to align the cage with one hand and hold the pc in the other, you would need someone to hold the PC for you and you screw and hold. Overall this PC has been nice building.

Part Reviews


Great CPU. Provides a great amount of cores for the price. Overclocked to 3.8gHz


Matches the color scheme of my computer greatly. good for overclocking and has many of USB ports


The best RAM I've ever had. The RGB of the ram is beyond great as its the main part of viewing


Found this SSD for 40$. Great deal.


No complaints. good for all your games and large files

Video Card

Great GPU and it can be overclocked as I use MSI Afterburner.


Great case. Beautiful structure but the only complaint is the hard drive cage as I stated in the description.

Power Supply

Great Power supply. I got it on black friday for 60 bucks, no bad. Might be a little overkill?

Case Fan

Great for the color scheme and price or sure. LOL. The LL corsair series 3 pack goes for 100 $!! just during the day, the LED doesn't shine that clearly.


More of a visual factor in the build. Didn't like looking at the included cables in the psu

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  • 17 months ago
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Looks good, nice cables

  • 17 months ago
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