So yeah , this is my first pc and im proud to show it to you guys. First of all、lets start by introducing myself. I am a young Singaporean teenager and i love technology. Ever since i bought my laptop in 2015 i started to gain more and more intrest into technology. So finally in 2018 、i have gotten money to build myself a monster pc. I can say that this build will be very 、 very overkill and i dont think i will use more than 75% of its power but who knows 、 soon i might get into content creation and all that (i am considering and might start on content creation). Now i mainly use this pc to do some 3d modelling school stuff and mostly gaming. So here are the results for games/benchmarks

Forza horizon 4 (Max settings with short motion blur 、 2560x1080p 75 fps capped) At 75 fps capped、the framerate never goes below 75/74 fps and Gpu only used 45%~

Counter Strike : Global Offensive (Max settings but no motion blur 、2560x1080p fps uncapped) At uncapped fps during game 、 the framerate stays around 570 fps.

to be continued...

Part Reviews


Awesome cpu , comes with a very nice stock cooler and has 8 cores , shattering cinebench r15 cpu test

CPU Cooler

Great value AIO cooler from CoolerMaster and has very nice RGB lighting , at only $70 USD!!


Awesome motherboard , very nice aesthetics and the SupremeFX audio is very good


Great memory running at fast speeds and very beautiful RGB lighting


Not a bad choice if you want to choose a boot drive for your pc , and it looks very classy


Great value hard drive , especially because its a 1TB drive and runs at 7200 RPM

Video Card

Awesome card that is not only very fast , but also runs very cool , around 34 Degrees Celcius and can maintain a high clock speed.


Very easy to build in , many IO ports , but the airflow is not so good and can only support a single 120mm case fan / radiator at the top

Wireless Network Adapter

Awesome wifi card , network is very fast


  • 8 months ago
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This is impressive for a first build! Very well done. +1

  • 8 months ago
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Are you doing any video rendering or editing with this build?

  • 7 months ago
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Beautiful build mate! How have you been finding that AIO? Was thinking of grabbing one for my 2600 and it seems like that model is the only one at a reasonable price for me right now.

  • 5 months ago
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thanks! sorry for the late reply. the ml240l is a great budget aio with very good cooling capabilities. it can be abit loud when the cpu is on load but other than that it has great rgb and cools the cpu good