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GF's first attempt at building a PC

by Razorbomb2


This PC was just for general use and light gaming. It was my partner's first build and we didn't want to spend too much, plus we had heaps of parts from old machines. So we used those wherever we could incase something went wrong. She did really well and we have no issues with most of the hardware. We did run into graphics issues we had one gigabyte 7970 and a powercolour 7950. The 7970 having some internal issue that made the bios mess up (If anyone know what this could be, please let me know. And the powercolour only had the fan running. So we finally switched to the third card, which was previously in my pc until I upgraded. Luckily it still worked perfectly and we managed to finish the build without buying a GPU.

She mostly plays flash and old games like roller coaster Tycoon. 2, but I did get to test it with planet coaster and the forest. Planet coaster was fine and had not issues. However when trying to play the forest and shellshock live, I ran into an open Gl error. We did fix this with some sort of driver, but I cannot remember exactly.

It was very fun to build it together and I ended up liking the case, which was a surprise as I usually skip the new Corsair cases online. Would love to hear some stories of other peoples garage builds ☺️.

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DaMysteryMan 1 Build 4 points 11 months ago

When your case costs more than GPU

cmdr_flint 2 Builds 4 points 11 months ago

Probably a sensible call, with the ripoff pricing of powerful GPUs right now and the rumoured new AMD and Nvidia cards coming later this year, better to buy a stopgap card and see where prices land when the new stuff arrives.

I did the same with my own build, although my stopgap card was a 1080ti :p

DaMysteryMan 1 Build 3 points 11 months ago

Even then that powerful GPU will be bottlenecked by the FX.

Razorbomb2 submitter 8 Builds 2 points 11 months ago

I didn't pay anything for the cpu or gpu . Both were parts that I had in the garage and she just liked the case haha. It will most likely never be for any high end gaming. That is what mine is for :P Thanks for the comments! :)

cmdr_flint 2 Builds 3 points 11 months ago

It's a neat build, I like the RGB fans too!

Camranatic101 2 Builds 2 points 11 months ago

Why in the 460x ;-;

Razorbomb2 submitter 8 Builds 3 points 11 months ago

She like the pretty lights and glass. Haha

Deathchillerz 0 points 11 months ago

poor bby