I've wanted to build my own PC for ages, and as my laptop that I've had for 5 years has begun to struggle with even relatively undemanding games I figured now is about time, especially since I'd really like to get back into playing Overwatch (being able to run overwatch comfortably was my basic requirement for this build, with the intention to upgrade when I can afford to).

I would have liked a better GPU but I struggled to afford this as is, so I intend to upgrade that at a later time hopefully GPU prices have fallen a bit by then. I'd also like to add a BluRay/DVD/CD Drive just for convenience sake. The RAM I used isn't specifically supported by my motherboard and was being recognized as DDR4-2133, I managed to set that in the BIOS to 2934, but I may want to spend some money on better, supported RAM in the future.

I also have 2 External HDD's connected, but I haven't included them in the part list and I'll have them off for any benchmarks.

UserBenchmarks: Game 41%, Desk 77%, Work 67%

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 - 78.3%

GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050-Ti - 36.8%

SSD: Tcsunbow X3 240GB - 114.5%

HDD: WD Blue 2TB (2015) - 81.3%

RAM: G.SKILL F4 DDR4 3000 C15 2x8GB - 98.9%

MBD: Asrock AB350M Pro4

3DMark Timespy: 2506 Graphics-2283 CPU-5628

Cinabench: OpenGL-105.5 CPU-1136

Part Reviews


I'm really happy with this purchase. It performs really well, and the only better options are significantly more expensive.


Pretty good motherboard especially at this price point. The only issue I've had is that my RAM wasn't officially supported and so it was automatically detected as 2133, but I was easily able to change that to 2933 in the BIOS, which is as close to the native 3000MHz that this board will do. Lots of USB ports is a big plus for me.


Works fine. Looks okay, I'm not necessarily a big fan of the red, but it's not too obnoxious and at the price range I was working with I couldn't afford to be to picky about appearances.

Its not officially supported by my motherboard and was detected as 2133MHz, but I was able to set that in the BIOS to 2933 which is the closest to 3000 my motherboard would allow.


Not much to say about this, it does what its meant to. One potential issue though, is that it comes with a red SATA cable, which if you don't have another SATA cable might impact the look of your build.

Video Card

Honestly this is the week point of my build, but before purchasing I knew it would be, and given GPU prices at the moment its the best I could afford. For the price, at least compared to other graphics cards it does a pretty decent job.


This is a pretty good case. The size is pretty good. The included fans seem to do a great job at keeping the pc cool and at this price point the fact that they even have LED's is kind of nice when you can't afford to lash out on RGB stuff. I had a bit of trouble with cable management in this thing, mostly just because everything was pretty much going to roughly the same space and I had heaps of extra cable length and no shrouds to hide it behind like you might have in more expensive cases. Still for the price point I'm pretty happy with it.

Power Supply

Being my first build I don't really have much compare it to, so that's basically the only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars. But it seems to do the job really well, and being semi-modular made cable management a little bit easier.


I love this monitor, I'm really impressed with how well it runs and how good it looks, especially for the price.


I love this keyboard! Its one of the cheaper TKL boards I've been able to find, and I feel like its one of the better ones as well. I got it with Cherry MX Brown switches which feel great for both typing and gaming. The software is super easy to use, and there are plenty of options for customisation. The only downside really is that there's no included wrist rest, and the one you can buy for it doesn't actually attach in anyway so it can easily slip away.


Its an okay mouse, however I've had some problems with the software (mostly on my laptop), things like not retaining settings, or when using automatic game detection it would fail to recognise when I was in the game, sometimes using my game settings while on the desktop but not in game. Its also dissapointing that when using on board memory you can only adjust DPI by increments of 250. Also worth noting that Logitech Gaming Software can cause problems with Overwatch. I'm also now starting to have problems with the scroll wheel not scrolling properly (sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't) to the point I'm looking at buying another mouse after less than 8 months.


For the price the build quality doesn't seem that great, several bits have plastic have snapped off, while just sitting on my desk, one section has caused the whole right ear pad to fall off which I've had to tape up until I can replace the headset. I had a lot of trouble initially getting this headset to work on my laptop, particularly the microphone- I would either not be able to hear anything, not have the mic pick up anything or the mic would interpret my voice into a weird robotic sounding voice. The fix ended up being that I had to remove the driver, which seemed counter intuitive. Mind you I've had none of these problems on my new PC. Also worth noting that Logitech Gaming Software can cause problems with Overwatch so if you plan to use these while playing that you might want to opt for something else instead..


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G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory Its not officially supported by my motherboard and was detected as 2133MHz, but I was able to set that in the BIOS to 2933 which is the closest to 3000 my motherboard would allow.

How I do this, and how is it working so far? I ordered the b450 itx fatality, ryzen 5 2600, and the same ram.. I am wondering if I should return them before openeing them and order a 20$ more that is in the QVL list.

What u say? keep them or return?

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got the same case as you!