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First Build (AMD FX-6300+EVGA GTX 970 SSC)

by FatKidzLagIRL316


I use this build for 1080p gaming. No overclocking or serious tweaking. Never have any issues with this build in that respect. I did have a motherboard die after only a couple months, but replacement has worked flawlessly though.
CPU becomes a bottleneck if I try to stream at even @720p 30 FPS though, so I don't do as much streaming as I'd like.

I know this build certainly doesn't do the R5 justice, but some of the smaller cases have caught my eye recently. So I'm currently saving for a Skylake mATX or ITX build. And reuse some of this for a PC for a family member. Probably sell the rest.

I know my cable management skills are awful.

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So CPU light tasks like most gaming, HD video streaming, and web browsing I see no reason not to go with this processor. It was cheap, and even gaming I've even seen it hit 50C

I would not recommend streaming with this though, at least not on the same system the game is running on. My experiences trying to do that with this CPU are less than stellar.

Video Card

This thing is a monster at 1080p. Easily 60fps high/max settings on anything I'm ever going to throw at it. Even a heavily modded Skyrim.

Only really gets hot if I don't have the fans set to a reasonable speed. Mine idles around 35-40C, and hits 60C under load(with MSI Afterburners default fan speed curve).

Power Supply

Whisper quiet, even when the fan is running. Have to hold my hand to the exhaust to tell the fan is even on.

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SuperGojira2001 3 Builds 0 points 28 months ago

That's a big bottleneck.

FatKidzLagIRL316 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 28 months ago

Yeah, I didn't do quite enough research on the CPU side. I've learned my lesson there though. Next build will be more balanced.

SuperGojira2001 3 Builds 2 points 28 months ago

I'm glad you learned your lesson.

eeem1214 1 Build 0 points 28 months ago

No its not, games aren't that cpu heavy these days

A pentium and a TITAN X now thats a bottleneck

SuperGojira2001 3 Builds 1 point 28 months ago

So I should pair an 860K with a 980 Ti? Even if the game GPU-intensive, you'll be able to see a bottleneck.

eeem1214 1 Build 0 points 28 months ago

No im saying that bottlenecks dont drop fps a 6300 couldn't bottleneck a 970, if it did why would so many people pair it also bottlenecks aren't exactly see able especially from a cpu<gpu point