I built this for my self for schoolwork and some gaming (predominantly GTA V). I do plan on overclocking the CPU, GPU, and enabling XMP so I can fix the RAM speed. Once I overclock, I will add the screenshots of the benchmark results.

The pictures of the build itself aren't great. The iPhone 7 isn't very good at picking up light ion a low light environment in detail I guess lol. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Update: I have overclock the GPU slightly and fixed the RAM speeds. I boosted the core clock on the GPU by 163 and the memory clock by 363MHz. The RAM I bumped up as high as i could (My MOBO doesn't go to 3000MHz so i went to the one below, 2933MHz. Sometimes in game however (CS:GO), I will freeze for a bout 5 seconds randomly. This only happens about 2 or 3 times in a row. I feel like it has to do with the RAM speeds but it has been getting better without me touching it.

Planning on overclocking my CPU soon. Will update when I do.

Part Reviews


Excellent value. Easy to overclock (or so I've heard). Easy to install and overall a great CPU for the price.

CPU Cooler

Pretty easy to install. I used the wrong bracket at first so I wasn't paying attention lol. I have not done to much in the way of CPU intensive tasks yet but so far it keeps it nice and cool.


Overall a solid board. Tons of BIOS/UEFI features and easy to navigate. Doesn't look awful and m.2 support. The board has 2 VRM heatsinks which not a lot of mATX B350 boards have.Easy install and LOTS of usb ports + type C.


Good, fast drive. Just wish the PCB was black. The green kinda stands out on the build.


Good drive with loads of storage for my purpose.

Video Card

LOVE this card. Looks great, preforms great, and is at an affordable price. Has Freeze Tech which stops the fans from spinning when not under load (I think they start spinning at around 35°C, but you can change it I believe). Has 3 display ports and 1 HDMI. I only have one monitor and it only uses HDMI which doesn't really affect me because it is 1080p. It doesn't have a backplate but I don't mind for the price, and because it kinda complements my build with the black and white.


Great looking case. The cable management is a bit iffy and same goes for the airflow. Because of the honeycomb intake design on the side, the intake is limited to the main cable management area, which makes it challenging to keep the cables out of the way of the airflow channel. Otherwise a great case. Another feature that is controversial is the fact the you have to pop out little tabs near the SATA ports on the motherboard the route cables through. I personally like it because it hides the areas that don't have cables, but some people don't like the idea of you needing to "break the case" to route cables. The tempered glass is pretty dark which I am a fan of.

Power Supply

Good, cheap, quite, black cables. Enough said.

Case Fan

I do not have the red fans. I have the fully black one with no RGB whatsoever. I couldn't find the fans on the part list lol. I got them at microcenter which pcpartpicker doesn't seem to like so much... Anyway, they are pretty quite, push lots of air, and have a pretty nice design, even though I cant see them because of the tempered glass.


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The honeycomb on the side is design as exhaust not intake.
In the InWin 301 intake is from the bottom, and exhaust is on the back and front.

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