So this is almost exact to my first build, but recently upgraded to the Inwin101 Black case. Also i had saved up for a new GPU and ended up going with the Powercolor Red Devil Rx580. I absolutely love this card, the red devil led and the pentagram on the card look awesome. Still no red led fans, but i needed function over form from the last build. Everything else was just swapped over. Have not ran benchmarks on the card yet but will soon. Stay tuned.

Benchmarking on Grand theft auto 5 solid 50-60fps lows, maxes up to 120fps for the highest.

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Plenty of fan spots! All fan sizes are thankfully 120mm fans. so if you plan on running bigger than that its a waste of money and time. 3 fans on the bottom to pull cold air in, and 2 on the side to exhaust outwards. optional 1 on the back also for exhausting air. This case unfortunately does not come with its own case fan.

It also comes with its own bracket to reduce sagging on big beefier GPUs. Very nice addition on the developer's overall design for this case. 5 stars.

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That name tho.