My first ever PC build. More pics coming soon

Part Reviews


Got this CPU because my PC is meant for only gaming. It does it's job, and it does it well. Would still recommend AMD for other workloads

CPU Cooler

Does a great job cooling the 9700K, but has a LOT of cables, so make sure you have room for cable management and routing


Great board, no problems so far. The extra 4-pin helps with overclocking, but i'm not pushing my system too far. Wish it had more system fan and argb headers.


Got this part on a good discount, would recommend 3200 if it isn't that much more.


Amazing for the price. Windows boots in a matter of seconds, and has plenty of storage for commonly used apps and games.


Its a hard drive, it stores lots of things. 7200 RPM makes it fairly fast, hasn't failed me.


Looks great for the price, decent airflow. Cable management is a bit hard, because the hard drive cage takes up most of the PSU shroud. Shouldn't be a problem for most, but my cable extensions caused some space issues. Would also recommend getting a PWM fan splitter if you want to control the fans from the motherboard.

Power Supply

Great PSU, from a good manufacturer. Bought this to make use of the extra 4 pin on my motherboard, and it works great.


Good cables, but they are a bit stiff, and I had to rewire one cable that got pulled out of my 24 pin. Still fully functional though.

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  • 6 months ago
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Even turned off it looks amazing. Well done.