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PlebTech 8 months ago

I have a S340 which I managed to obtain for free from someone I know as they had a hard time reselling locally. Last year I had already applied a Hoonigan sticker across the (check the link below for a reference) front and I have to say, I am very pleased with how it has turned out, the white and black theme reminds me of the 1991 Hoonigan RWB Porsche 911, literallyt only because the white finish haha.

In short I want to mod my case to make it look more "JDM" if you will, massive petrol head myself and as a videographer my specs allow for editing. I am thinking of laser engraving "XENO" in to the side window as I have access to a laser cutter at school, besides, I don't think they'll mind if I come in after the end of the school day, I am on good terms with my design teachers and I'm in sixth form so it's a fairly relaxed environment. Thinking of maybe sticker bombing the side panel in the top right corner but not sure if that'll turn out looking terrible or not. Some help/inspiration would be appreciated.

Thanks very much for all help ion advance!

My Current Case's form: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/b/HMcYcf


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