New here... I dream of building a PC, but there is a long way to go... First i got to earn the money by working, i don't know how much time it's gonna take, but i will make money as long as i study and during the holidays. I want to make it perfect and invest high, on my first build, so i can enjoy my pc gaming without having to upgrade on a long run (i desire performance and graphics to ultra!).

I was a console player (PS), but got tired of it because: At certain time a new console generation comes, so you are forced to buy a new one; you have to pay for online gaming; expensive games for a long time; the performance and graphics can't be better than a well built PC.

Besides PS (PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP), i played other consoles such Sega Mega Drive, Wii, Wii U, GameBoy (i don't know if it is consider a console or not, but... it was part of my childhood), Nintendo DS and 3DS (i don't know if should consider these two a console too)...

...And recently, i'm a Laptop Gamer: Toshiba SATELLITE P50-B-10Z At the beginning i get frustrated, because i was expecting more from the gpu: AMD Radeon™ R9 M265X Enthusiast but at the time, i get used to it and played my games (sometimes on high, medium or low settings, according to what the games requires). In space of 1 year, pc got a keyboard error (that was corrected), a power supply that just gave up his life (that was trade for a new power supply) and the worst of all: AMD Gaming Evolved said that i had gpu drivers updates, so i made the update and it was good to go... The problem came when my pc controller pad started to not responding (put my pc controller pad to RIP) and even worst, gpu lost performance, graphics and dedicated memory... Almost lucky, some engineering dudes, could almost recover the graphics and perfomance that i had before, although dedicated memory i recover it all (2GB); the PC was formatted and instead of having Windows 8, i have now Windows 7 (because Win8 causes many incompatibilities errors) and because of that bad luck, i suffer from screen tearing... So my advice, avoid AMD products (CPU's and GPU's). Even my warranty won't resolve my problem, i shouldn't update the gpu drivers.

Playing games is now a pain in the eyes, the maximum i do, is to play Rocket League on minimum settings and even that, sometimes doesn't save me of sreen tearing and less than 60 fps... A true cancer for PC gamers.

Update #1: The gpu problem got fixed and them went to fail again but managed to put it to good shape again, all because of drivers. But in this end of 2018, the AMD GPU died for good. I no longer use it and now i'm stucked with Intel HD4600 graphics. RIP gaming laptop. It will only be used for work. Still gaining and saving money for the PC.

Until there (the first built), let's chat it about ^_^ I would like to hear opinions from you and contact with another opinions and intelligences from this subject, to better know, this world, of PC Master Race! XD

Please be respectful, friendly, kind, likeable and pleasant. If there is anything that you have any doubts, i probably can help you out. If i need help, i would like to receive help from you guys ;)

Enjoy :3