Hey there! I'm your average PC-Geek16 year old who just loves looking at cool RGB PC Builds and talking about PC Parts. PCPP is as of now the best site I ever visited. I don't really have a gaming PC, but I do have this 11 year old crap PC which still works. I am thinking of asking my parents for letting me a build a gaming PC of my own by March 2020.

I just spend my free time looking up cool and awesome builds on PCPartPicker and creating new build lists with different themes whenever I get bored.

Here are some really cool builds I've been able to find on PCPP as of now:

Special thanks to RayvenOne1 and DanDan825 for helping me to compile this list.

This is the cheapest (i think) recorded featured build on the site

This is the first build ever posted on PCPP. It has no title, no description and no karma.

This is the first featured build on this site.:

Comment Karma Goals

0: Done

50: Done

100: Done

200: Done

500: not yet

700: not yet

1000: not yet

1500: not yet

2000: not yet

Some of my mildly interesting comments: --- The first comment thread is... well see for yourself 😁

Let me know if you guys find some more awesome builds!!

Peace out!!